Identify Aggressive Behaviour with Innovative Audio Detection


Many security incidents are preceded or initiated by some kind of noise. If you’re exposed to incidents

that involve aggressive behaviour, gunshots or breaking glass, cameras with sound detection capabilities

add great value to your security system. They can automatically alert for potential and

real incidents as they occur, and enable quick, relevant actions to minimise the consequences.

Systems enable a quick response when seconds matter across a wide range of scenarios, such as:

In environments where staff and public can be exposed to intoxicated persons and disorderly behaviour.

Early aggression detection reduces the risk of violence by enabling intervention at the verbal stage,

before escalation to physical aggression.


Small stores at night, where automatic sound alerts can shorten the response time

in cases of aggression and armed robbery. When the store

is closed at night, the solution automatically alerts for breaking glass

to ensure quick burglary intervention.